Freezer door

A freezer is an insulated room where the temperature is cooled to below freezing. Freezers must have the following features:

  • Robustly built in connection with over/underpressure
    (hermetically sealing)
  • Resistant to bacteria
  • Corrosion (rust) resistant
  • A very high insulation value

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A freezer is an insulated room that is cooled to below freezing. This is done for the storage of products in order to prevent perishing. An example of these fresh products is for example, meat. During and before the storage of meat, processes occur that influence the look, the tenderness, freshness and the weight of the product eventually frozen.

In addition to standard freezing, in some cases blast freezing is also used. The freshly prepared products are quickly brought to a core temperature of -24°C to extend the life of the product.

A freezer can be built into a kitchen, but can also be installed as a separate, demountable freezer or as a complete freezer warehouse. Freezer warehouses are usually applied to the storage of large quantities. Because the ultimate choice for a particular freezer almost always has consequences for the quality of the products in the freezer, we recommend that you obtain advice from a specialist.

Companies that are active in the preparation, processing, treatment, packaging, transport and distribution of foodstuffs, should comply with HACCP directives. These directives, that are applicable to the entire European Union, ensure that the risk of contamination is reduced as much as possible during the production process.

Energy saving

The largest expenditures for a freezer are energy expenses. With this simple calculation example, it is easy to see what it costs to cool a small freezer for a year. Here, we assume a freezer of an average quality and a kWh price of € 0.1688 excluding VAT.

Freezer of 2 x 2 x 2.50 metres
The freezer runs an average of 20 hours per day. The annual energy expenses are: 10,000 kW/h x € 0.1688= € 1,688 excluding VAT. In order to reduce these costs, the quality of the freezer door is extremely important.

Make use of, for example, the door closers on the hinged doors of your freezer. This prevents that the freezer door stays open unnecessarily, requiring less energy to keep the freezer cool.

An automatic operation on the sliding doors of your freezer quickly yields energy-savings in case of high logistical traffic. Less cold air is lost when the freezer door opens and closes quickly. Particularly with large and heavy sliding doors you quickly save a lot in terms of energy expenses when your employees can open the door with a button and/or remote operation.

Freezer doors

Metaflex Polaris Freezer
Metaflex Polaris Freezer Large airtight sliding door, suitable for freezer spaces.View this door
Metaflex VDM Freezer
Metaflex VDM Freezer Airtight hinged door for freezer spaces.View this door
Metaflex Orion Blast Freezer
Orion Blast Freezer Airtight sliding door, withstands extremely low temperatures.View this door
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