The entire process in our hands.

Metaflex Doors Europe is closely involved  from design to delivery of your project and even afterwards. We are happy to work with you towards the best possible solutions in your specific situation and ensure that your doors are properly installed and maintained.

10 years guaranteed user-ease
Metaflex Doors is ISO certified
CE marked
CE marked
Metaflex products are CE marked
Metaflex Doors practices corporate social responsibility

Step 2: Production

The Metaflex door systems are fully developed and produced in-house. In our lean factory, the door systems are produced and assembled by skilled technicians with the greatest care.

This manner of producing has many advantages:

  • In-house knowledge
  • Flexibility
  • Great commitment and responsibility of our employees
  • Innovation and development takes place during production

The final result: door systems of outstanding quality, of which we are proud.

Production 2
Production 3
Production 4
Production 5
Production 6
Production 7
Production 8
Production 1

Step 4: Maintenance

In order to ensure optimal functioning of the doors, we advise that you perform maintenance on the doors at least once a year. For this purpose, Metaflex has its own service team and also collaborates closely with a number of partners.

Both the service team and our partners have a thorough knowledge of our doors and systems. Consequently, they know exactly what needs to be done and maintenance will not take longer than necessary. Consequently, your work process is not or only briefly interrupted.

Because we produce our doors ourselves, possible replacement parts are practically always in stock.

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International network

More than 25 qualified distributors and partners can help you with the purchase, installation and service of our doors.

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Advice about your project

Our consultants are happy to help you, without obligation, with your project-specific needs. Take advantage of our years of experience.

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