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Metaflex presents modernised fire door


The Metaflex Medicare EI1 is the only airtight sliding door system that complies with the highest safety and fire resistance standards at a European level. The new Medicare EI1 not only features a hygienic smooth finish, fire resistance in compliance with the EN 1634-1 standard as well as the option of a radiation-resistant variant which includes a window, but it also offers additional qualities:

  • The highest classification in terms of air permeability compliant with EN 1026/12207; class D (4)
  • Smoke resistance compliant with EN 1634-3; Sa, S200 C5
  • Large format, maximum 2,000 x 2,700 mm (daylight width x daylight height)
  • Various window and shutter options up to a maximum of 850 x 850 mm

Fire resistance

Medicare EI1 is the first hermetically sealed sliding door system to achieve the highest EI1 rating compliant with EN 1634-1, the European standard for fire resistance in doors. In order to comply with this standard, tests are carried out to determine whether the door can withstand flames (E), does not increase in temperature significantly (I) and does not give off too much heat (W). This is tested rigorously.

Read here how a fire test is conducted

Smoke resistance

In addition to fire resistance, smoke resistance is also of utmost importance. Alongside fire resistance, Metaflex Medicare EI1 doors are also successfully tested for smoke resistance and certified according to EN 1634-3, the European standard for smoke resistance for doors. In the test, smoke permeability is classified according to the Sa and S200 values.

Airtight seal

Virtually no air is displaced when the Medicare EI1 sliding door is opened and closed. This door system has also achieved the highest airtightness classification D (4) compliant with the EN 1026/12207 standard. The unique locking system ensures that the door remains airtight within the specified tolerances, even in the event of high levels of negative or positive pressure.

This door is highly suitable for areas where fire safety is crucial, such as operating theatres, intensive care units, X-ray rooms, pharmacies and emergency departments.

Click here to see the new standard among fire-resistant doors

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