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Last month we announced the departure of our colleague Gabbe and at the same time indicated that we had found a successor. This is none one other than Niels Scheffler and he would like to introduce himself to you:

"Hi everyone and then especially the esteemed customers and prospects of Metaflex Doors Europe, I am Niels, living in Nijmegen and sharing my live with Miranda (and her children).

When asked, people describe me as open and accessible. But also enthusiastic and positive. Reliable, honest and curious. Although my girlfriend sometimes thinks otherwise :).

In my private live, I love a good glass of wine or a special beer, preferably accompanied by a plate of good food. I also like to stand in the kitchen myself. In order to keep in good shape, I do a lot of sports, such as running / trail running / crossfit and mountain biking. I like to be outside and enjoy nature.

After my education at the Rijn IJssel College I started working in construction. First in foundation techniques and later in structural fire safety. At a trading company in gas fittings (see Wikipedia) I gained my first experience in the food industry. After that I continued in this branch at an Italian company that makes, sells and maintains investment goods.

And now I'm going to continue my best leg at Metaflex. After the departure of Gabbe, the bar is set high! Nevertheless, with my knowledge, enthusiasm and experience I hope to be able to continue the good work of Gabbe. For this I like to talk to as many customers and prospects as possible to listen and learn about the challenges and to look for the best solutions together.

Are you working in the food industry and are you open to a no-obligatory conversation about the challenges you encounter, especially when it concerns doors? If you provide the coffee, I will bring something tasty. If you send me your details, I will let you know when you can open the door for me ... "

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