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Gabbe will soon close the Metaflex doors behind him for one last time


Naturally, this title implies that Gabbe van der Zwan has announced his departure at Metaflex. This is true, in fact. Why do you ask? Did he grow tired of his job? Is there something going on at Metaflex or was his performance not up to par? To the contrary.

Gabbe van der Zwan: 'I've had a great time at Metaflex in the past couple of years. I started out in the staff department, though was quickly offered a promotion opportunity and became account manager in the Cold Chain. I really enjoyed working in these jobs and had a great time with my colleagues. So this is certainly not the reason I'm leaving. The simple reason is that a new challenge has come along, which I believe is more fun and suits me better. No more and no less.'

At Metaflex, we are extremely delighted for him. Not because he's leaving, but because he's following his heart and is open and honest about it. Fortunately, Gabbe will continue to work for us for the time being, gradually transferring his customer base to his colleagues. We have also found a suitable successor, who we will introduce to you soon. Until then, Gabbe will remain the contact person for all Cold Chain clients in the Benelux.

Gabbe will certainly be leaving through the front door, rather than the back door. With his head held high and leaving behind many colleagues who will definitely miss him. We all wish him well!

If you have any questions or remarks in response to this message, please let us know.

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